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vegan | 100% natural | non-gmo 100% organic| | fragrance-free


Timeless: Rejuvenate, Age Defy, Regenerate.  Reverse the lost time in your skin.


Clay masks are a wonderful gently exfoliate, hydrate, unclog pores, absorb oils and bacteria, and help prevent acne. It also provides highly beneficial minerals like silica, calcium, sodium, iron, magnesium, and potassium to your skin. Each blend is carefully crafted with high quality ingredients that bring unique benefits to your skin type.


Why buy your face masks in powdered form? By mixing your masks as you use them, you avoid the need for preservatives. Using powdered masks also gives you the opportunity to choose your liquid - witch hazel, yogurt, chilled herbal tea, rosewater or distilled water are great choices and give you tons of variety from one jar!

Clay Mask Powder-Timeless

    • Kaolin Clay – Detoxes and purifies pores, soothes inflammation, tones skin
    • Fuller’s earth – absorbs oil and impurities, improves skin tone and complexion, contains skin lightening effect
    • Frankincense – astringent properties, balances oil production, ability to tighten and strengthen skin, improves tone and elasticity, anti-inflammatory
    • Turmeric – brightens complexion, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant that can decrease UV damage, reduces breakdown of collagen, all-natural glow-up
    • Rosehip – hydrates, moisturizes, helps brightens skin and reduce inflammation, helps boost collagen formation
    • Rose petal – increases blood circulation, rich in vitamin-C, B and K results in smooth and flawless skin tone, antioxidant property, natural coolant, anti-aging properties, evens skin tone, improves complexion
    • Marshmallow root – relieves skin irritation, contains anti-inflammatory effect
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